Virtual mentor interviews

direct from industry leaders

Class of Hyde talks to a range of established and successful industry leaders, and inspirational young people on the beginning of their career journey to give advice, guidance, and vision to students.

The Virtual Mentor Interviews are all about supporting young people in reclaiming their successful vision for their future.

The Virtual Mentor Interviews are not only aimed to help support schools meet their Gatsby Benchmarks, but most importantly to inspire and guide young people, at a time they may need it most.

We ask individuals about their experiences, asking them to share their wisdom to young people on the skills, attributes, and mindset it takes to be successful in chosen or potential career paths, providing authentic career and mindset experience directly from industry.

Safety Online

Whilst not depleting creativity Class of Hyde aims to share simple techniques with students on how to remain safe online.

Although we are entering further into the digital sphere and encourage the opportunities that may bring, it is important that young people know the basic ways that they can remain safe online.

As the advancement of social media and technology is unavoidable, we will be continuously uploading content with the latest tips for remaining safe.

Digital Creative Skills

It is of upmost importance that we prepare young people for the further advancement of the digital sphere.

Therefore as a bonus to the VMIs this subscription will include frequent uploads of media and digital creative videos, to equip young people with a fantastic answer to the ultimate interview question “what can you bring to this company?”.

The videos will cover a range of skills including basic video skills, and how to start and monetize a podcast, all contained in one library that is continuously added too.

Students and teachers will also get the opportunity to request videos to up-skill pupils, and increase their employability.