In the Virtual Mentor Interviews produced by Class of Hyde, the conversation consistently circles back to mindset development.

We know that before the age of 25 neuroplasticity in young people is at its optimal point so it is vitally important we support our young people towards a successful mindset.

We may look back on the mindset we had when we were younger and wish we knew what we have since learnt from experiences, books, mistakes made, wisdom from mentors- the list goes on!  It is Class of Hyde’s goal to give young people that opportunity so they have the best platform for success, whilst of course creating their own experiences and lessons along the way.

To Class of Hyde success coincides with happiness and we know this equates to something different for every student. We understand mindset development may mean something different for each individual, so Class of Hyde aspires to meet the guidance requirements of as many young people as possible.

For some students, mindset development may mean learning about the empathetic attributes it takes to be a nurse, or mindfulness teachings that enhance mental wellbeing, and for some, it may mean learning about the drive and resilience it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

Within our Virtual Mentor Interviews Class of Hyde talks to a range of established industry leaders, and successful young people, from many walks of life. We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to develop the mindset for success.