Media Theory: Video Library

Class of Hyde offers a video library of media theory, based on topics and theories covered in the AQA, OCR, Pearsons, and WJEC board syllabuses.

The videos are concise, relatable, and informal interpretations of media theories. We also encourage students to think about their own interpretations of media theories by looking out for real examples of where theorist’s ideas are illustrated and also challenged.

We are constantly adding new content and updating the library of media theory videos, to request a video please let us know using our contact page.

Practical Skills

At Class of Hyde we champion that Media Studies is one of the most important subjects that students can study, especially as we move further into the media and digital sphere.

However, we also understand that one of the predominant reasons why Media Studies may not be offered is due to the expense of the equipment. As a result, Class of Hyde are constantly producing videos with tips and tricks to create practical media submissions on any budget.

These skills are not only beneficial to the practical element of GCSE, BTEC, and A-Level courses but can also be carried forward into the workplace, to provide stellar answers to the ultimate interview question: “What can you bring to this company?”

Interviews with Media Experts

Having completed a degree in International Media and Communications (with languages) at the University of Nottingham, Jenna realised from her own career journey that it is greatly important for young people to hear from those working in the industry that they are studying in.

For example, in Media Studies specifically, there are vast differences in the day-to-day roles of someone who works in television, digital communications, and video editing. Therefore, it is vitally important that students get to hear from those who are working within their subject of study, not only to enhance their learning but to also understand what Media is like in practice.