Working with the Gatsby Benchmarks

“By delivering our Virtual Mentor Interviews (VMIs) via video we have the opportunity to guide and inspire the largest amount of students possible.”

“Addressing the needs of each student”

  • Class of Hyde (COH) understands that the requirements to inspire and guide each pupil may be different. We believe that every student deserves the best chance of success in whichever career path they choose, therefore we strive to hear from as many industries as possible.
  • COH aims to reach students who may find academia challenging by opening their eyes to as many future opportunities as possible and delivering conversations that may support young people in finding their interests and strengths.
  • COH understands that the mindset development of each pupil will be different, therefore takes into consideration the different stages of mindset development to cover within our VMIs and Mindset Development.

“Learning from career and labour market information”

  • Education establishments will have access to advice and guidance from an extensive range of industry experts to provide advice directly from the workplace.
  • Students have the opportunity to hear from established industry experts, successful young people at the beginning of their career journey, and those in/ previously in Higher Education, in the form of relatable interviews and videos.
  • Class of Hyde endeavours to champion a variety of careers from the labour market within the VMIs.

“Encounters with employers and employees”

  • In The VMIs we cover topics including discussions around the skills and attributes employees would like to see in a future teammate or colleague.
  • If our interviewees are employers we also ask what qualities they would look for in a potential employee.
  • In the VMIs we cover topics with employees and employers surrounding the skills and mindsets young people could be developing now, to be successful in their field.
  • By delivering our Virtual Mentor Interviews via video we have the opportunity to reach the guidance and inspiration requirements of the largest amount of students possible.

“Linking curriculum learning to careers”

  • COH highlights the skills that can be developed during secondary school and college (sixth forms) years to enhance future careers.
  • Some of COH’s VMIs cover information from STEM subjects including advice and guidance from those who work within Technology, and more.
  • COH covers topics in the VMIs including which subjects industry leaders and successful young people found beneficial to their careers during their time in education.
  • Specifically, in the Media Studies subscription, COH includes interviews from Media experts to close the gap between industry and education. Giving students the opportunity to hear about their subject in practice.

“Encounters with Further and Higher Education”

  • Many of those featured in the VMIs talk about their experience within higher education.
  • At Class of Hyde we recognise the benefits that Higher Education can bring, and aim to highlight those benefits. However, we also endeavour to provide a balanced view of career paths that do not involve Higher Education as we recognise it may not be a suitable fit for every student.

“A stable careers program”

  • Consistent, weekly, Virtual Mentor Interviews from a vast range of industries containing advice directly from the workplace.
  • Access is available virtually. COH can be accessed inside or outside of the classroom to accommodate any change in circumstances.
  • Opportunity for open discussions with COH on video requests and interview topics.

“Experiences of workplaces”

  • Via real authentic Virtual Mentor Interviews about the workplace, we aim to bring the experience of the workplace to the classroom.

Gatbsy Benchmark quotations source: Gatbsy, Gatbsy Benchmarks commissioned by Sir John Holman in 2013.