Frequently Asked Questions

At Class of Hyde we strive for an open communication line with our education establishments subscribed to Class of Hyde. If any of your questions are not answered below, or you would like to talk to Class of Hyde directly please contact or call us 0121 517 033.

We refer to PSHE (Personal Social Health Education) as PSE/PSD (Personal Social Education/ Personal Social Development) at our school, is the subscription applicable?

Yes, we have chosen to refer to it as PSHE, as that is what it was referred to during our education, but we recognise it is often referred to as PSE and PSD, and the subscription is applicable to all of the above mentioned.


Are the subscriptions constrained to the subjects being taught?

The subscriptions can be used throughout the school. In particular with the PSHE subscription, we feel that although it is specific to the subject, it could be a great tool to use in assemblies, ‘form’ or ‘tutor time’, and career advice sessions.


What content do you produce during the school holidays?

It is really important to Class of Hyde that we still deliver a valuable service during the school holidays, and that is why we are planning to produce content during the school holidays specifically tailored for teachers.  However at Class of Hyde we are always learning too, so we would welcome any conversations about content subscribers would like to see over the holidays.


I have/ teach students who have impaired hearing, what options are available?

We are currently in the process of subtitling all of our videos, however in the meantime, please contact us directly and we will endeavour to accommodate any requests as soon as possible to ensure that any subscribing schools can provide access to all of their students.


I have noticed a mistake within the content, can I raise this?

At Class of Hyde we are on the very beginning of our journey, (visit our About Page to find out more), so currently we are a small team. Although we strive to create error-free content, if you identify any mistakes or have any challenges to the content created by Class of Hyde we welcome the opportunity to work with you to ensure that we create the highest quality content we possibly can. Class of Hyde would like to thank you for identifying areas we could improve, and hope we can work side by side with the education sector, as we are always learning too.


Can I request a video or Virtual Mentor Interview?

Absolutely. We always want to hear what you would like to see more of from Class of Hyde, so we welcome your feedback. Simply fill in the contact form suggesting what you would like to hear more of, and where it is possible we will endeavour to do so.


Can this service be used for homeschooling?

Although this service is made for schools, pupil referral units, sixth forms, and colleges the service can also be used for homeschooling. We require you to put your educational establishment name within our sign up form, however, if you have any issues with the signing up system due to homeschooling, please contact us at and we will endeavour to sort out any technical issues as soon as possible.


Can I cancel within the 14 day period?

Yes, you can cancel any time within the 14 day trial period.


Can I cancel my monthly subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.


Can I cancel my annual subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your annual subscription and have access for the remainder of your subscription period (please remember to select cancel and not remove), and it will not renew the following year. If you have any problems with this process please contact


Will my subscriptions automatically renew if I do not cancel them?

Yes, your subscriptions will automatically renew.


Are the licenses for the entire school?

The license is designed to be used in the classroom. However, all staff within one educational establishment may use the login. Breaches of our agreement terms and conditions (for example sharing login details between schools), will result in subscriptions being cancelled.


What do I do if I have a complaint about the service?

Our policy at Class of Hyde is that we are always learning too. It is our aim to work together with the Education Sector. So, if you have feedback we welcome an open conversation with you in order for us to understand how we can improve our service.


Which exam boards are the Class of Hyde video topics based on?

AQA, OCR, WJEC, and Pearson, exam boards however, we do not directly work with any of the exam boards at this current time, and make no claims to improve the grades of students. We are here to support and bring advice directly from industry to those in education.


I would like to nominate myself to take part in a Virtual Mentor Interview, how can I do this?

Visit our VMI’s page to submit your nomination, we look forward to hearing from you!


I nominated myself for a Virtual Mentor Interview and wasn’t accepted, why not?

We appreciate all nominations for Virtual Mentor Interviews and endeavour to always provide feedback. If we have chosen not to carry out a Virtual Mentor Interview reasons for this may include logistics, or topics being recently covered. If you have submitted a nomination and haven’t heard back from us please email and we will ensure to provide feedback.


Can I nominate someone else to take part in a Virtual Mentor Interview?

We do not accept any nominations that are not made by the individual wanting to take part. It is really important to Class of Hyde that the individual (or team) is comfortable and willing to take part in the Virtual Mentor Interview.


Are there options for subscriptions beyond PSHE & Media Studies?

Currently, we are at the beginning of the journey with Class of Hyde, however, we have big plans for the future. We aim to broaden the offering to include other subjects, incorporating other industry experts to continually expand our offering.