About Class of Hyde

“Have you ever found saying that you wish you had learned that when you were younger? Let’s stop wishing, and start making developments for young people.

This About Page is not dense with corporate values and mission statements.

Because the truth is Class of Hyde has one focal ‘mission’. Class of Hyde’s focal drive is to ensure that young people have the skills, knowledge, and directions to a successful and happy future, in a way that is relatable to young people.

Class of Hyde aims to deliver authentic, real, and honest guidance to young people, to deliver career inspiration directly from industry. Delivering knowledge, advice, and experience from largest range of industries possible, to provide guidance to as many students as we can.

Having previously featured at events with NBC Universal, Facebook, Westminister Business Council, The Prince’s Trust, and multiple Universities regarding careers and mindset development for young people, Class of Hyde now strives to support schools meeting their Gatsby Benchmarks. However, above all else, this is for the students. Class of Hyde aspires to help pupils reclaim the vision for their future, from developing the mindset for a successful future to hearing from the industry experts about the skills and attributes needed to be prosperous in whichever career paths await our next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, nurses, doctors, lawyers, sportspeople, innovators, and all others.

Check out our launch explainer video below↡, or visit my blog to read the unexpected road that led me to create Class of Hyde and discover more about my ‘why’.”

Jenna Hyde

Director at Class of Hyde
& Global Leader with The Prince’s Trust